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Republican Candidates Pay Lip Service to Global Warming

A few weeks ago, The Volusia Tiger Bay hosted an evening of debates, which included three of the Democrats running for Congress from CD7, including yours truly, and six of the Republicans. Two of the four questions asked of us were related to global warming and climate change, which I characterized as an immediate and […]

A Meditation on the 2nd Amendment

When I decided to run for Congress this year, the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘Am I too old for this?’ I turned 70 last week (how terribly strange to be 70!). Did I have the stamina; did I have the drive; did I have the physical ability to grind out a campaign […]

From McCollum to Mills

Bill McCollum was my opponent in my first congressional race in 1996. Although Bill and I agreed on virtually nothing when it came to public policy, Bill was a genuinely decent man who treated me, and his constituents, with respect as we debated the issues facing the electorate. But that was then – a time […]

Center Street

Here’s an interesting political tidbit that showed up on my news feed this morning, via Scott Powers’ column in Florida Politics. It seems that a group of “Lincoln Project” type Republicans, who say that they are “nonpartisan” and only “looking for adults who are ready to serve,” have decided to campaign against “political extremists on […]

The End of Roe

The recent decision in Dobbs v The Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in the US Supreme Court, ending the constitutionally-protected legal abortion was a shocking, although not unexpected, blow to freedom of choice and privacy in America. It was, according to NY Times columnist Roxane Gay, “the culmination of a decades-long conservative campaign to force a […]

A Meditation on Wokeness

We hear the word “woke” more and more these days. It’s being hurled regularly – usually with a soupçon of condescension attached, if not outright venom — at a variety of people and things that have aroused the ire of the far right wing of what used to be a legitimate Republican Party. It seems […]

First Press Release

Al Krulick of Maitland intends to seek the nomination of the Democratic Party for the 7th Congressional District seat, recently relinquished by incumbent Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy. Krulick, a Central Florida resident of 30 years, is a retired writer, award-winning journalist, arts administrator, political operative, and theater director and producer. He ran for the seat in […]

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