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A Meditation on the 2nd Amendment

When I decided to run for Congress this year, the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘Am I too old for this?’ I turned 70 last week (how terribly strange to be 70!). Did I have the stamina; did I have the drive; did I have the physical ability to grind out a campaign […]

From McCollum to Mills

Bill McCollum was my opponent in my first congressional race in 1996. Although Bill and I agreed on virtually nothing when it came to public policy, Bill was a genuinely decent man who treated me, and his constituents, with respect as we debated the issues facing the electorate. But that was then – a time […]

Center Street

Here’s an interesting political tidbit that showed up on my news feed this morning, via Scott Powers’ column in Florida Politics. It seems that a group of “Lincoln Project” type Republicans, who say that they are “nonpartisan” and only “looking for adults who are ready to serve,” have decided to campaign against “political extremists on […]

The End of Roe?

The leaked SCOTUS draft decision harbingering the end of constitutionally-protected legal abortion was a shocking, although not unexpected, blow to freedom of choice and privacy in America. It was, according to NY Times columnist Roxane Gay, “the culmination of a decades-long conservative campaign to force a country of 330 million people to abide by a […]

A Meditation on Wokeness

We hear the word “woke” more and more these days. It’s being hurled regularly – usually with a soupçon of condescension attached, if not outright venom — at a variety of people and things that have aroused the ire of the far right wing of what used to be a legitimate Republican Party. It seems […]

First Press Release

Al Krulick of Maitland intends to seek the nomination of the Democratic Party for the 7th Congressional District seat, recently relinquished by incumbent Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy. Krulick, a Central Florida resident of 30 years, is a retired writer, award-winning journalist, arts administrator, political operative, and theater director and producer. He ran for the seat in […]

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