Now's the Time Now's the Time

Al Krulick for Congress

Every two years, the people of Florida’s 7th Congressional District get to hire the person they wish to represent them in the United States House of Representatives. The job of U.S. Congressperson does not belong to an incumbent, nor to any particular political party. It belongs solely to you, the people.

YOU are the employer, YOU pay the salary, and YOU get to do the hiring!

This year, on November 8th, the people of the 7th District will have the opportunity to hire the person they trust to best represent their views and interests over the next two-year term.

I believe I am that person.

I have lived, worked, and raised my family here in Central Florida for over 30 years. I am familiar with its towns, cities, people, and customs. In addition, I have travelled extensively throughout our country over the years and have also been lucky enough to have sojourned abroad, from time to time. I see myself as a citizen of my town, my country, and the world.

I have vast experience in both the private and public sectors, and I possess a deep sense of community pride and a desire to serve the public.

I am knowledgeable concerning the issues that affect all our lives and believe I have the mature judgment and life experience to faithfully represent the best interests of the people of the 7th District, as well as those of our neighbors in Florida and across the land. I am solely concerned with rendering the decisions that will promote the general welfare of our nation, while seeking the most efficient and fair solutions to our common problems.

I will work diligently to fulfill the duties of the job for which I am applying and promise that I will never betray the faith of those citizens who wish to hire me for the position of United States Representative.